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Podcast: Is Eating More The Key? ft Ash Lane

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Mindset, Nutrition, Podcast Guest | 0 comments

Ash Lane is a mumma to 1, certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. She went from overtraining and undereating, at a loss as to understanding why she wasn’t achieving any better results and slowly adding more body fat, to training less, eating more and stronger, fitter and leaner then she’d ever been before. Now she works to help show other busy women training their butts off how to eat MORE, Train LESS, Build MUSCLE and Lose FAT. In today’s episode Ash and I delve into the old-age topic of calories in vs calories out, the benefits of resistance training on muscle, fat loss tips and women’s mindset around losing weight.

Ash is providing her free Ebook for all listeners which is her “How to Guide – For Sustainable Fat Loss”. This can be downloaded here

IG handle: @ash__lane

Youtube channel can be found here



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