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Podcast: Getting Off The Diet Bandwagon With Fitness Coach, Ash Lane

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Mindset, Nutrition, Podcast Guest | 0 comments

Procrastinator to Action Taker -> procrastinatortoactiontaker.showit.site/

Ash Lane is a fitness coach who is completely shaking up the way we think about health and dieting. Her evidence-based approach is all about showing busy women how to Eat MORE, Train LESS, Build MUSCLE and Lose FAT. Stemming from her own journey with nutrition, her mission is empowering women to ditch restrictive and unsustainable diets and exercise fads once and for all. In this interview, Ash and I chat about how she made the scary leap from working for someone else to starting her own fitness business, why she’s all about taking action now and worrying about the details later, her tips for overcoming all-or-nothing thinking with health and fitness and so much more. She’s an absolute ray of sunshine and force to be reckoned with in the fitness world, so I hope you enjoy this chat with Ash!


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